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OK. Just getting into the idea of making some tshirts. Ive been doing graphic design work for animal related businesses/kennels/ etc but up until now sell the design and end it there. Keep in mind all this is part of my hobby and not my main source of income nor do I want it to be.

Well, now Im thinking it would be great fun to do some tshirts with my graphics, and add more "shoes" in my closet at the same time.;)

So I THINK I have decided on screen printing. From the posts I have read here it seems the way to go. I like dark shirts with light images and take pride in my work so I want great quality. The question is....as a hobby designer........would the following press be good?


Then what else would I need? I think it says I need a screen. I imagine ink...what else? How can I do hats?

Mostly, please tell me if I understand this right.......first step design, then print on special paper, then put in the screen printing maching and push paint over the tshirt. How do I get the template holes? Can templates be used over and over? Anything I should be careful to avoid.

Basically, Im trying to weigh it all out and see if this hobby is going to be more hassle than its worth. I dont have a TON of time to do this but for fun, thought it could be cool as I do enjoy the graphic end and would love to display it on a shirt.

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