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In need of advice

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Hi everyone,
I am new to the industry and hoping to develop a business idea. I'm sure this question is asked a lot but where is the best place to purchase blank T's from. I want a modern type fit asopposed to the thick square traditional T's. Also I was wanting to design the artwork myself- does anyone know of a good software program? Finally what is the best and most affordable way of printing images onto T's?

any advice is much appreciated.:)
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1. Take a look in this forum (Wholesale T-shirts) for blank companies.
2. For a modern fit, try American Apparel.
3. Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator) is the industry standard software package, with Corel X3 being the runner-up. Corel is particularly popular amongst small businesses as it is cheaper and easier to get started with. Adobe CS3 is more popular amongst trained professionals.
4. Best is screenprinting. Most affordable depends on quantity: screenprinting if you are doing quantity, other methods otherwise.
There's a lot of blank t-shirt companies and if you're really looking for a particular style you're gonna have to go out there and purchase a few to see which style would work best for your product.

In regards to software there's a bunch out there to purchase, however a lot depends upon your computer savvy and what type of application you are planning on using the software. For example as Lewis stated, Adobe CS3 is great, which I do use, but is not necessarily the most cost effective program if all you are using it for is t-shirt creation. If you go to www.freeserifsoftware.com they provide either free, if for personal use, or extremely cheap if you want to use for a commercial purpose, a lot of the programs similar to Adobe, not only in use but also in functionality, and very easy to manipulate images, photos, etc. Another great website is www.blender.org.

For cost effectiveness, I'd have to agree with Lewis again that screen printing is the least expensive of the printing methods at least when it comes to standard 6-color type prints and if done in high quantities. For more ornate graphics, CG images, etc., DTG or other transfer paper with ink is the better, if not only, method. The whole cost of production really depends upon your business plan and what market and/or market segment you are trying to sell to.
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Thanks heaps guys, I have some research to do but you have pointed me in the right direction.
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