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In Desperate Need of 100% Cotton, Navy Blue, Youth Sized, Short Sleeve Polo Shirt NON-PIQUED

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I am in desperate need of Navy Blue 100% Cotton Polo Shirts in youth sizes and without the pique. I have been searching all over the net and can't seem to find it. When I come close, either it's not offered in a youth size or it comes piqued. It must be exactly as described. No 50/50 5/25 poly/cotton blends.

If anyone can direct me to a wholesaler who is selling these shirts, I'd be greatly appreciated. Time is off the essence. Thanks!:)
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Try this website. TSC Apparel I didnt see youth, and Im not at the shop so I cant check the catalogue. But I know there are jersey youth polos available. I think gildan has them as well.

If you dont get any other replies, send me a pm tomorrow to remind me and I'll look in my catalogues because Im sure Ive seen them.
Hey Robin, thanks for the help. It looks like they do have a shirt that matches exactly what I'm looking for. I'll get the price in the morning. If it doesn't work out, Ill send you a pm so you can look through what you've got. Once again, thanks for the help.
I just looked through TSC's catalog and all the youth sport shirts I saw were either pique or a blend. Ditto for Sanmar, Alpha, Broder, & T-shirt wholesaler. Maybe I missed something.
Would you believe I found the shirt I needed in Target!?! I literally walked right by the display twice. Stopped the third time because it finally caught my eye. And it was EXACTLY what I was looking for.
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