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:confused: Hi! My name is Shannon. I am at my dad's home in Gadsten Alabama because our power in Louisiana may take weeks to repair. I am new to this site and had some questions. I recently started a new venture in Louisiana with a cool concept regarding sports. It has taken off quite well in the Baton Rouge Area. Gustav has definitely interrupted progress! Anyway, I am in AL and would love to get started here. I was wondering if any of you seasoned peeps would have any connections in or around Gadsten Alabama. If you do know of any good Graphic Artist, Screen Printers, Ebroidery Co's or Heat Press Connections (I don't know exactly what that is.. but I am about to investigate!!) Please let me know so I can get started. I actually just got a shipment of blanks as I was typing this... so I am ready to get started!! Thanks so much in advance! Shannon
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