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in a mess need help, about credit card merchant / gateway

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hey all i need some information / help from you.

i'm in a big mess kinda, ok for my website i went with my bank for the credit card merchant, ( huntington bank ) and for the payment gateway i went with ( first data ) because the guy who works with the bank who works on the merchant for them is with them, now i told him everything like im with godaddy for my website and i have quick shopping cart and he said yes it will work, so i did it...

and yesterday i got accepted or w/e by first data, and they got api / webserives download and godaddy doesnt support it for the quick shopping cart =( i got really pist... ( also will it be a problem if i cancel with them )

so what do you guys think i should do? guess cancel with them? and like go with godaddy for merchant and gateway with authorize.net?

thanks for reading, any feedback pls
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If it isn't compatible then there is no sense in keeping it, unless you change something else like webhost or shopping cart.
yeah kk there's no way i would wanna change my webhost / shopping cart, ok thx alot you think i can get my money back from the merchant guy who set it up was like 200 dollars, and you think it should ne no problem cancelling with first data just got it yesterday
I didn't say they won't cause you grief for even entertaining the thought of cancelling their service, yet alone actually trying to do it. I would do some investigating about authorize net first. I got stuck with them (or a bank that was using them) for a 2 year contract. They wanted the entire balance if I dared cancel. There were fees up the wazoo. But I don't know if it was the bank screwing me or authorize net. There was a big set up fee, monthly fees, transaction fees, etc. Maybe look into something like sqaureup, or even quickbooks has a merchant account that doesn't come with a contract. Find out what systems are compatible with godaddy first and then go from there.

I know I won't sign up with a contract for credit card processing again. Learned that lesson the hard way.
Look into Intuit Merchant Services if your using godaddy.com, if not you can also try chasepaymentech which are both compatible with godaddy and can link to any personal or business bank account you have. You'll have to do some homework to see which one is best for your needs. Good luck.
what about paypal. can link to your checking/savings account. they also have a merchant portal so you can do alot more. our business uses paypal. don't know if works with godaddy but alot of businesses on the web are using it to pay for their services so I can't see not looking into them also.
The only problem with PayPal is that they are expensive..
I think we get charged 3% for using them. I don't think that is bad since another one says if you can't swipe the card then you are going to be charged alot more then the swipe. either way we are using paypal and haven't had too many issues.
I spoke with someone today who was trying to get me to sign up with a merchant account. He was offering 2.8%, $6 monthly statement fee, $0.09 transaction fee, AND a 4 year contract with a $450 cancellation fee! I tried not to chuckle too much, but told him I wasn't interested in a contract or a cancellation fee. I'm thinking about using squareup but I don't have a smart phone. I'll have to get one of those first.
Paypal free would be good, but then customers would be directed OFF your site to a checkout page. If your ok with that, then I'd suggest using Paypal FREE edition. Then you can accept credit cards and paypal accounts. Again, then downfall is that customers are redirected. HOwever, if you sign up for thier Advanced $5 monthly or $30 monthly gateway (in order to keep customers ON your page) then they will hold 20% of your money for 90 days therfore I would NOT advise that.

I use authorize.net through my bank and the fees are less than Paypal. THe most I pay for a regualr transaction is 1.09 and that is with American Express. I thoughouly went through all the fees with my bank and got it in writing before I signed up. I paid the set up fee and yes and am in a contract but I plan on being in business for a while so that doesn't matter to me. I'm also in a 2 year contract with my smart phone provider ..but that's another story!

You SHOULD be able to get your money back without any grief. Depending on your state, most states give you 72 hours (3 days) to back out of a contract. COntact your bank and tell them thier solution doesn't work with your cart as you were advised and therfore you want your money back. DON"T let them haggle you for more than 2 days, then you might get stuck. Threaten to call BBB on the BANK if they don't give you your money back.
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Here is a recommendation...DON'T use GoDaddy, they suck for all of these services. And even as a domain registrar, they are pretty ****ty.
I talked to my bank, the guy who set it up for me and i told him the story that doesnt support godaddys cart with first data, he told me you shouldnt be having problems with that, he said let me see what i can do etc ill call them or something, you think he can make it work? or he is bsing to wave by time? so i cant cancel... idk what you think

i told him i wanna cancel because its not going to work with them.
Sounds like he's stalling. If godaddy says it isn't compatible then it isn't compatible. Nothing all the BS in the world will change.
kk thanks, ill talk to him later today and tell him i wanna cancel because think today is the 3rd day.
If he takes your call today.
well going to email him right now, then going to call him later on.
Hi. I don't pretend to know what you guys are talking about but it would seem to me if you were advised by an employee of the bank then they have a legal obligation to you. surely if what their man advised does no work then they have some responsiblity to you for what has happened.
You SHOULD be able to get your money back without any grief. Depending on your state, most states give you 72 hours (3 days) to back out of a contract.
Just an FYI -- There are contracts made under CERTAIN conditions that allow for a 3 day cancellation, but it doesn't apply to all contracts. I don't know if you would qualify or not under these circumstances.

The Cooling-Off Rule: When and How to Cancel a Sale

If you buy something at a store and later change your mind, you may not be able to return the merchandise. But if you buy an item in your home or at a location that is not the seller's permanent place of business, you may have the option. The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) Cooling-Off Rule gives you three days to cancel purchases of $25 or more. Under the Cooling-Off Rule, your right to cancel for a full refund extends until midnight of the third business day after the sale.
The Cooling-Off Rule: When and How to Cancel a Sale
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