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in 2012 what printer to use

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I am looking to see what is the best printer for printing transparencies in 2012. I have seen all the post on this. They are old post. Any ideas for 2012.
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I'm looking at the Epson 4900 right now. Blackmax ink has just come out for it.

Although expensive, it can take rolls of upto 17" film. The rolls mean I don't have to waste a whole sheet of transparency for something like a small chest logo. It also takes sheets, so I can still load up the standard 11"x8.5" sheets if I want to. Plus it holds a bucketload of ink.

If you don't need anything larger than 13x19, I'd think the standard has changed from the 1400 to the 1430, but only because they discontinued the 1400.

There are some killer rebates out there for the higher end Epsons, check out this link:
Promotions: Epson Professional Imaging

it should point you in the right direction if you're buying a high end one. The 4900 looks sweet, if you have the cash--or the 7900 or 9900, for that matter. :)
So I guess if its an Epson and will print. I have a hp and it makes transparencies fine just not big enough.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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