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Imprintables Adds New Sticky Flock™ For Creating Rhinestone Templates

It just got easier to create cuttable rhinestone templates for heat applying to garments. Imprintables has released its new Sticky Flock™, which has several advantages over traditional clear carrier sheets used for this purpose.
The first advantage is that Sticky Flock is much easier on your cutting blade. It requires a downward cutting force of only 130 grams compared to 210 grams needed for other materials. So you increase the life of your blade and reduce the wear and tear on your cutter.

The unique flocked surface of this product makes it fast and easy to pull the transfer tape off with one swift motion. Other materials do not pull off as easily. This saves on production time and increases efficiency.
Sticky Flock is made using a special adhesive that allows you to lay it down on itself without permanently adhering. You can use multiple pieces that can be repositioned or layered on top of one another to create more sophisticated, creative designs.

For example, you can cut a strip of stars and use it over and over again without re-cutting it each time. A name drop would be another great example. If you cut out “Los Angeles” you can re-use it underneath a variety of designs. You also do not need a backboard for creating designs. Once rhinestones are brushed into their holes, cover with thermal tape and it’s ready to be positioned on a garment for heat application.

Imprintables Warehouse is a full-service distributor of equipment and supplies to create a wide range of apparel and sign graphics including digital cutters, printer/cutters, heat-applied materials, sign vinyl materials, and heat presses. For more information, contact the company at 800-347-0068 fax: 724-583-0426; e-mail: info[USER=108410]@Imprintables[/USER].com; or visit Heat Transfer Vinyl, Digital Print Cut Media, Sign Making Materials - Imprintables Warehouse.


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