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Hi all,

i am new to this site and new to printing i have just bought about £1500 worth of equipment which include t-shirt press mug press and platte and hat press. so i am new to everything

my main question is what are is the law about printing images on to these items what i mean is for example printing a great britian flag or a picture of the queen ETC on my t-shirt or mug.
i have tried goggling but no luck

can you help or if not do you know who i would need to speak to as i am thinking of making mugs and t-shirts for my street party for the queens jubilee and selling them

also the other question is does anyone know if the richo gxe3300 or gxe7700 print number plates.

and a I'm ding sublimation printing what way would you recommend to print on black or dark coulrs would it be with vinyl or laser jet

Many thanks
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help please
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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