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Imageclip or other transfer paper?

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I am a garment printer but have been looking for ways of also using specific transfer paper for printing onto pre-cut paper and card that can't go through a printer for example printing garment swing card tags etc.

I had limited success printing on heavy weight pre cut card by importing a special laser toner transfer paper from china which went through a laser printer and self weeded onto paper/card but about half way through each toner the transfer paper started to become dirty with excess toner from the fuser rubbing onto the transfer paper as it went through the printer. The paper was very thin and on occasions also used to jam my printer and get stuck around the fuser resulting in me throwing the printer away...i must have gone through 5 printers in a year. When it worked it was good but i've now given up as this transfer paper was never made suitable for such requirements and I kind of stumbled upon the idea testing different papers.

My question is....now there are self weeding transfer papers on the market i understand most are made for the Oki which at this time i won't be investing in. I have ways of printing onto garments that I'm happy with but really wan't to find a suitable transfer paper that is self weeding capable of being transferred onto paper and card under a press.

Both Image clip and Forever dark papers (no cut 2 step transfer system) seem the only papers out there that are reasonable for paper and card but the process just seems a little too long for printing onto these surfaces and secondly alot of pressure is required which in my opinion could ruin the paper/card. I don't want a really intense outline around the surface either when releasing the transfer. Added to that I've read alot of teething problems from people using imageclip and forever dark and I'm not sure if it's because it the printers they are using or the press or pressure etc.

I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there that might have tried various papers for alternative purposes rather than just using for t-shirts. Because I'm from the UK we are limited to only a select few papers so hope some of you might be able to help or could point me towards a manufacturer that could help.

many thanks
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If your prints are many duplicates of the same design then plastisol transfers may work for you. They should bond to the fibres in the paper/card. Ask a supplier for samples to try.
I find even the best cutters can't produce the very fine detail of a plastisol transfer and it's very tedious trying to weed small text.
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