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Image shifting two hairs to the left on 2nd pass

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I can not get a good second pass right now. The second print moves just slightly to the left every time but never up or down. I've checked and played with off contact, squeegee technique, made sure shirt is sticking, etc.. Its a tight screen. I've tried with different arms of the press too, hoping maybe it was mechanical. It doesnt seem to be a lose platen either. Its really starting to urk me. Any advice? I cant find this problem in the forums.
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I've had that happen a one or two times before. I've found that either the arm holding my screen shifted in its position somehow when I wasn't paying attention or uneven pressure between my left and right arms when pulling my print. Does this happen to you each time you try to do a double hit or less often?

Its almost a constant. Its the whole print, undistorted, just slightly off to the side.
You might want to make sure the pallet is screwed into the bracket tight. i had this problem and my registration was tight, turned out the screws that hold the pallet and bracket together were loose.
Here's the big question: Are you using a hobby type press?
By "hobby type" do you mean crappy? Its a pretty solid device. Old though. I'm actually trying to figure out what press this is. All the labels are worn off. I've attached images.


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Is it happening on different screens? My vote would be screen tension.
I'll try more screens but the one i'm using seems good to me.
Its just wear and tear. I'll look more closely at the wheel setup. Are those just regular wheels?
Yeah they look solid to me.
Ahh, double post...

If the wheels are holding each arm steady, look at screen tension being loose.
You could try changing from a pull stroke to a push stroke...

That said, good tension screens tend to print as a single stroke after flooding.
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I have had this happen a few times, I have found that I need to add a little spray glue to the pallet to keep the shirt from moving. Works great for about 30 to 40 shirts them spray a little more and keep rocking.:D
hey, sounds like press regerstration....pull arms down try moving left right twist any movement will do it is this a new problem or has been happening or new press????let us know...jeff
New press. It may be a platen issue. It only has one screw and i think its moving a tiny bit. The support that holds the platen has odd demensions so i have to get one straight from atlas i guess.
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