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image rotator or banner??????

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hey guys i am trying to do one of these for my site's home page, has anyone ever done it? something like this...
Portfolio Image Rotator by Soh Tanaka
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I have, and I am just getting into jquery but it was not hard to set up at all. If you click the link under that image it will take you to where you can get the code for it as well as walk you through it.
Do I paste the de in order cause they give it to you in pieces
They give it to you in pieces because each piece goes in a different area. for example the javascript goes in the head section, the slider info will go inside the HTML body tag, the styling which will control how it will look goes in the css. Here is another site that may help you Create Beautiful jQuery slider tutorial It can be a bit confusing but google more jquery sliders, or check out youtube for more help.
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im having trouble adding my pictures and also the two files it says download where do i put them?
im having trouble adding my pictures and also the two files it says download where do i put them?
For your images, this is the section you need to change to add your images, it looks like this. Change the part in red to your image.

The jquery file you downloaded needs to go in the head. I was told you must place the script in the head right before the closing tag to prevent conflicts.

They actually gave you the script to use right up under the download link.
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did u use dreamwever to do this?
Yes I use dreamweaver CS4. If you have an images folder in your dreamweaver site, your code to add your images will look like this:

<img src="images/reel_1.jpg" alt="" />
Also to figure out what you are missing, or what went wrong, scroll down that page until you see the "view Demo" button. Click to see the source code and compare what you have to what they have.
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