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Typically my designs are busy and often have a distressing affect with parts of the apparel showing through. Well, I finally had an order for a flat one color design with words, and a fairly large solid colored area. Duracotton and JPSS handles this well but Image Clip was not consistently "rendering" the large colored area as a solid single color, there were little flecks and discolorations. So to help alleviate this I actually extended my step one press to 4x 15 sec presses, moving the paper around my 16 x 20 surface and it worked 90%. Then if I had one small area discolored I cut out a tiny piece of that color from a "reject" step one paper and repressed, I pressed it for just a few seconds and it worked.

Now that I own a vinyl cutter, I am going to say that any solid colored simple designs like this should be done using Heat Transfer Vinyl and NOT using Image Clip. I will post some pics today of what I mean.

Hopefully this will help folks out who are using IC.
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