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Image Clean Up

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Does anyone know of a software that is good to clean up images? I have tried corel draw x4 but it makes it look like a cartoon image
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What do you mean by clean up? What are you trying to do? What type of file do you have, vector or bitmap?

Upload an image if you can.
Example: A customer gives me an image that they want printed on a shirt. But the image is very small so i enlarge it and it comes out very blury. What is a good software to clean this image? Most people just say redraw but not good at drawing
Corel and Illustrator has a trace feature that has various settings to get pretty good results.

Otherwise, you can send it out to companies who specialize in converting to vector. An online one, free to try, is Vector Magic Precision Bitmap To Vector Conversion Online

A service company like Vector Art Conversions Made Easy w/in 24hrs. - Convert to EPS Artwork - Camera Ready Art Conversion - Logo Art Conversion - Vector Art - ArtFixers.com also can do it. Google vector conversion for others.
When you enlarge the image are you increasing the resolution at the same time? If not this might help. Also are the images black and white or color?
both color and black and white
For B&W I would make sure the res is between 300 and 1200 DPI and then trace the design. You may still need to do some clean up.
Color files will depend on the design. Some you can trace others it is faster just to remake them.
Thanks for the information i will try this
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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