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how do i increase the DPI to Cafe Press 200 requirement ? Do i need Corel Draw or similar or can the DPI be increased in Paint and Picture it ?
You can't really increase the DPI of a design that starts out at a lower DPI.

That "stretches" the pixels and makes the design look blurry.

With vector designs (created in coreldraw), you can scale them as large or as small as you want. To get a design as a vector, you need to either create it in a vector program or have it traced as a vector by a vector graphics program (or service). Once a design is a vector, you can save it a a high resolution PNG.

If you are scanning a picture from a drawing, then you would just need to make sure you set the scanner settings at 300dpi and then you'll start out with a high resolution necessary for cafepress or other printing.

If you are creating the design from scratch in "Paint and Picture It" (never heard of this software, then you need to make sure that you check the settings *before* the design is created so that you start with a high resolution image (200-300dpi)
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