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Image Amour and blotchy prints

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I have been printing DTG for close to a year and a half and have just started seeing a strange issue. When printing on our last job of Neon Green cotton shirts with a white underbase we have had some issues with the print areas being blotchy. We did two dif designs for the same run of shirts and we only got this on one of the design.

Both designs were just solid colors no fading or effects etc. It seems to happen in the blues more than anything. We were using IA for darks (because of the with inks) after about 5 shirts i sprayed a layer of AI for lights on top of a AI dark pretreated shirt and got much better results.

Now the next issue. So the next shirt i grabbed a fresh shirt and used AI for light shirts and it printed great again but after curing through our conveyor hitting about 340 on exit and then pressing for 90 seconds at 325 the area that was treated turned light brown.

I took one of the browned shirts home with the intention of washing it. when i went to put it in the washer later that night i noticed the brown disappeared a bit. I let it go over night and sure enough all browning was gone, This was great but i can not always hold garments overnight to make sure this happens.

any ideas on the blotchy prints with dark v light and browning would be great.
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Are you saying you run it through the conveyor to dry the pretreat and then you press for 90 to cure ink? Just making sure I understand before a response
No we cure the pretreat as per instructions. 30 then 10 sec intervals until dry.
not sure how to post a picture. it won't let me post a picture?
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