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I'm wasting discharge ink. Other uses for "expired" discharge ink?

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Twice in the past week I've added my ZFS sensitizer to my pre-mix white Matsui discharge ink and then had to leave before I could use it. It's supposed to be used within 4 to 8 hours, but I come back 10 - 12 hours later, at best.

Is there any use for this stuff or do I have to throw it in the trash? I know I should just try it and see, but has anyone else figured out a use for discharge white that has stopped discharging?

Would it work as a highlight white, or could I mix it with other waterbased inks to mix colors? I mean, how wash-fast would it be?

Maybe I'll do some test prints and wash tests if I find the time to waste, but right now I don't, so I'm asking if someone has done this already.

For the record: a few minutes ago I took some of the white discharge that I mixed 27 hours ago, scraped it onto a rag shirt and scraped it off to simulate the penatration I'd get through a screen and cured it with a heat gun. Normally this white ink discharges to a creme color (practically white), but this time it discharged to a khaki. I didn't expect it to discharge at all, so this is a bonus. If only I had a design already on a screen that could utilize this color... For reference: I have printed CCI P-Charge base (the stuff you mix 50/50 with plastisol) on this shirt (straight from the bucket, no plastisol added). The P-Charge print looks like coffee with creamer and is very soft. The day old white discharge is about 2 shades brighter, but has a scratchy feel right now. I wonder if it will stay light when I wash it, and if will have a feel. I'm going to cut the schmeared sample in half, and wash on half of it.

Also, I schmeared some wasted discharge white (the same stuff, just a week older) on the same rag. Didn't discharge at all, smells super-strong and disgusting compared to un-sensitized ink and freshly sensitized ink. I'll wash-test that too, probably.

Anyways, I was just asking if anyone has figured out any uses for this stuff.

I like Matsui. I accidentally left the lid off of my black water based ink for a week or two and it still looks/feels usable. I guess I should also wash test that stuff, too... just to be sure...

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences or advice.

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