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I'm trying to figure out everything i need and have a few questions

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I'm interested in purchasing a heat press and using inkjet transfers to start, but its not clear if i need a special printer or ink or if any regular inkjet will do it, while i understand why an epson would give better quality, is it still possible and worthwhile to print transfers out of a consumer model lexmark printer?
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I did transfer's when i first started then quickly moved to a DTG printer. I had luck with all the printers i used during Heat press. I moved to a dtg because I didn't want to have to cut out all of the heat press designs because I didn't like the square shape they left behind. One idea when moving to a dtg printer. Consider buying used. There are a ton out there and it can save you up to 40%
Any good printer will work for transfers as long as it uses pigment ink. If you intend to print on just light garments (white or light gray) you are good with trimming the transfer with scissors as close as you can. If you want to print on darks, you will need opaque paper which will need a plotter/cutter to trim close or spend the 15 grand for a DTG.
The best printer we have used is the Ricoh GXe3300n. It has never jammed or clogged up once since we've had it. Of course we do Sublimation, but you could also use it for regular heat transfers as well.
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