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I'm Fred from Melbourne FL.

Started sublimation printing in 1987, added pigmented heat transfer printing in 1999(??). Been making How To print video cd's since 1996. Started with a Roland cutter (2002) now have a Roland GX-24 and use it a bit.

I currently sell on Ebay (since 1996) and my railroad printing site and my wholesale site but 90% of sales are from Ebay.

I drop in here not very often but I think I should participate a heck of a lot more. Been printing sub and pigmented heat transfers since 1987 and what little I know I would be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have about heat transfers.

Currently I print t-shirts, aluminum signs, caps, decals, license plates and the list goes on. My market in Ebay is quite small as my niche is towards the model railroader, car enthusiast, but aiming towards the soda sign collector.

I've been collecting ads from magazines since 1973 and have my own website where I display about 5000 old ads for cars, truck, rr, gas, oil from 1896 to the early '60's. I take the old ads, clean 'em up and print them.

Be glad to help answer any questions about how to sell on Ebay, website, printing t's and such. I'm far from an expert but I'll try my best to help based on what I've actually done, how I did it and what happened.

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