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I'm on a Toilet Bowl!!!

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so I won an ebay auction, a stupid one, but fun and maybe it'll bring some publicity. currently advertising on someone's toilet lol. Here's the link...and click on toilet:

http://www.bidmyspace.com/ (it works better in explorer)
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So I can say that I pooped on your site? LOL That's pretty funny! :D
haha thats cool.
yea, i hope it leads to some publicity. i know that this guy's site has received good publicity lately (local tv, radio), so hopefully it'll pour over to me.
I really don't know what to say.
Interesting ad concept for sure. I wonder how it will all pan out.

With all the press coverage, seems like a good outlet for exposure.

If he didn't have any coverage/traffic, it would be a waste of buyer's money.
Im local o this guy, well Im DC hes in Bmore, and I heard the Micky and Amilea show. The guy is kinda funny and if it kicks some business to you, good deal. Not sure how much you paid but it sounds like a fun idea.
let's see if this pays off

i'll try to keep this anti self promoting...

we recently won an ebay auction to advertise on this guy's toilet (you can see the site here: http://www.bidmyspace.com - then click on toilet). anyway, he just updated our page with a video blog...thought you all might enjoy watching it lol - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZNKxVer6Jo
that's good stuff man. :)

so how long do you have his toilet for? Did you have to sign a contract?
I use this man's toilet. It's the only one I use.
Haha that's so funny.. well done Burn! But that video is soooo annoying!
Hey everybody, Jon here from bidmyspace.com I just wanted to say that burntees has been a trip to work with and that he owns the tiolet page for the lifetime of my website. Currently 05/20/2006 but by the looks of things I will probably adding an addition 3 years since it has really taken off. He got a really good deal I was so surprised, good luck to him.

He did not point me to this forum I saw it via my website stats and clicked on the link I was curious.

Anyway, thanks for the nice comments. And for those that enjoy my outrageous videos... THANKS!

Adam said:
Haha that's so funny.. well done Burn! But that video is soooo annoying!
comon Adam! the video's great! i think we're close to 200 views now on youtube.
I just had a brainstorm. I have yet to see this but a new area to advertise...on urinal cakes. Sounds sick I know but the plastic net stuff that covers the urinal cakes. You know you always glance down when throwin a whizz.
A New Zealand sign company won an advertising award for a poster on a urinal that was heat sensitive. The urinal was blank until urinated on, at which point the heat caused the ad to start being revealed.

Some bars have HD tv's in the urinal (not wall mounted, in the urinal itself).

It seems to be the latest hot area in advertising actually.
Hey I just saw your "toilet bowl" funny stuff - did it work out for you?
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