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I have tried to use free hosts for a long time, and they really are nothing but headaches. Things you want to use are disabled, you can't do this unless you pay, ect. ect.

I'm using awardspace for my site - I've been very happy with them. They are reasonably priced, and since you don't know much about site building you may be interested in the fact that they have automatic software installers for popular things like agora cart, zen cart, wordpress, ect.

Using their paid service all you have to do is select the page you want it to show up on, choose a username and password, click install, and it will do all the work for you. Then you just manage the program from the admin page. : )

They also have a freebie version - So if you want to check them out you can test drive them, and then upgrade to a paid account later if you want.

Oh, and as for the 'transfer question'.. I have a domain registered with GoDaddy. All I had to do was change my nameservers which will link your hosting account to your domain name.

Awardspace's cheapest package is $3.49 a month for 60GB of disk space, and 1000 GB of traffic.

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