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I purchased the espon 1400, I thought I had the right printer but soon after I purchased it I became super confused. I really didnt know where to start with printing tshirts and I've been researching for months now. So I decided to make a leap and start somewhere instead of procrastinating and getting nothing done.

All I know for sure right now is I don't want to screen print because of lack of space and money. I would like to heat press. Either inkjet, dtg, *or dye sub. *Idk which, I'm so lost on that!!*

I bought the 1400 and haven't received it in the mail yet, but I'm stuck on what to do next.*

I have seen it used for half tone screen printing, dye sub.,DTG, and even print CDs. My questions are; what exactly can I used this printer for? Is it a injet? Does it require a certain transfer paper? Can I use it for heat press? How can I make it DTG? Which is better quality, dye sub. Or injet transfers??*

Main question: how can I use this printer to get quality prints using a heat press?? Without the clear glue looking outline. (what paper, what inks, what process)*

As u can see I'm a beginner and lost. It's way to many options and things that could do wrong!

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Hi Nicole, :welcome:

Quick question: why did you buy the printer if you weren't sure what type of printer it was, what it did, or if it was the right equipment for what you wanted to do? I'm just curious on that.

While you're waiting for answers in this thread, keep in mind that you can always search the forum using the search box at the very top of the site to find answers in past discussions. There are a lot of topics about how to use an Epson 1400

Does it require a certain transfer paper?
You can print transfers with it, but the default ink that comes with it is dye based ink. Pigment ink is best used for inkjet heat transfers. You can get pigment ink for the printer from third party suppliers. I found that answer in this thread from the search :)

Can I use it for heat press?

How can I make it DTG?
You would need to have the skill and time to take it apart and build a DTG machine out of it using the instructions that people have posted in the Do It Yourself DTG project area of the forums. It seems pretty complicated for me, so I imagine it would be even more complicated for someone that is new to it all.

Which is better quality, dye sub. Or injet transfers??*
These threads may help you make better sense of the quality of the different printing methods:


Without the clear glue looking outline. (what paper, what inks, what process)*
I'm sorry to break it to you but every inkjet or laser printed heat transfer is going to have that clear glue looking outline. You can trim around the transfer to reduce it, but it will still be in the whitespace areas of the design until after it gets washed.

The only transfers that don't have that clear glue looking outline are:

- Vinyl transfers (solid color pieces of heat transfer vinyl that is cut with a vinyl cutter and applied with a heat press)

- Plastisol Transfers (actual screen printing onto transfer paper instead of directly onto the t-shirt. Not done at home...only done by companies who you send your design to and they send you back the transfers)

- Dye sublimation - (can't decorate dark garments or 100% cotton garments)

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Thanks alot that really help clear things up a little. i have a few questions about the info. If the default ink that comes with it is like a dye, what is the difference between that and dye sublimation?? so they do not make heat transfer paper for dye based ink??

i know to u and others on this site my questions seem stupid but im very new to this world.

and to answer ur question, y did i buy the printer? because. i been researching this for way to long, and i keep going in the same loop. its like i have to buy everything to match. like puzzle pieces. example. in order to know what press to buy i had to know what size printer and paper i wanted. and to buy a printer i had to know what type of ink i needed and to know what ink i needed i needed to know what type of printing i was going to do. And the loop keeps going. so i was on a site oneday and it stated that it was a very good and i found a deal oneday and just bought it because i was tired of the loop so i decided to start with a printer and build from there. better to start some where than no where.

and sorry for not searching the some for some of those questions i read alot on here but. it started to get a little much. to a new person like me this sight can be a little word crowed and busy.

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So since you were confused you just decided to order a printer and hope everything magically falls in place? You have only made five posts on this forum

WOW, way to greet a newbie. We all started someplace and not everybody does things the same.
I've made plenty of mistakes but have also learned from many here on the forum.

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I think what he is trying to tell you is if you have a specific question fine most people will try to help you, but judging by your post you don't have a clue. This isn't a school where as someone is going to take an hour and a half plus a half dozen pages of writing to answer all your questions and basically teach you the trade.
There is a certain amount of learning that you have to do on your own, buy some books, go to u-tube, read posts on different forums some suppliers will give you a lot of information or get a part time job at a shop that is willing to teach someone that knows absolutely nothing.
Are you getting the message yet ?
PS: I would send back the printer unopened until you learned a little more, if it was an all in one printer you could use it for copying, faxing, scanning and printing but being a 1400 it has only 1 purpose.
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