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Im New! Sos My T-Shirt Site!!!

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hey everyone, i am knew to this site,

my website is http://www.quiteshirty.com

so please take a look! any help would be great thanQ
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Hey QS,
I just took a quick look at the site. I like the pink and blue color scheme. One thing that struck me oddly, though, was all the FAQ info jammed over on the left column. I'd vote for putting all that stuff on a dedicated FAQ page (the copy you had on your home page, as well as on your secondary pages). Best of luck with the site...
I like the site, it is a good design and a nice layout. However when I click on a t-shirt to buy, it comes up with a pop-up, my question is what if my pop-up blocker is on? Do you want to loose a sale due to that? Also It is somewhat annoying having to go to two, three, even four different web-browsers just to check out your merchandise. I think it might be beneficial to have the t-shirts load in the same browser.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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