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I'm looking for an artist to design my idea

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I have had bad luck with my last thread for this service. So please,if u don't have the time to do it or aren't serious about doing it, please don't contact me. I won't stoop low to point out who I'm talking about. Now with that out of the way , I'm looking for an artist who can draw people doing various MMA ( mixed martial arts) moves from submissions to different strikes. Please contact me at mhamud1982[USER=135513]@Hot[/USER]mail.com for more details.
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Got three artist ready to go, please Email me with as much info about this as you can plus rights needed, budget, and due date. [email protected]
Visit my online portfolio--

garryrone on deviantART

I am versed in many styles, skilled and dependable.
Let me know if I can help in any way.
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