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Anybody familiar with this website?


I found it while looking for new tshirts to work out in. I'm looking for cheap, slim fitting shirts with TIGHT collars. The cheapestees.com website allows me to get good prices without buying in bulk which is good but I'm not familiar with how these shirts brands/styles fit. Could anybody help me out? Any help would be appreciated.


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If you're looking for a shirt for the gym, you may want to look into "moisture wicking/performance" type t-shirts.

If you just want cotton t-shirts that are slim fitting, you can look through that site and find the t-shirts with "slim" or "fashion fit" in the descriptions.

Here are a few that might be good for working out/gym/slim fitting:

Champion Double Dry Compression T-Shirt

American Apparel Fine Jersey Tee

Anvil Slim Fit T-Shirt

Champion Double Dry T-Shirt

Champion Double Dry Muscle T-Shirt

Augusta Moisture Wicking T-Shirt

Anvil Dri-Release Heavyweight T-Shirt
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