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Hi everyone,

I know I've introduced myself before, but I've mostly just been lurking around here. My name is Bill Luebbers and go by Decal Designs.

I have been a window cleaning business owner for the last 15 years. Over those years I have built up many retail window cleaning accounts. I have also removed many vinyl signs from windows over the years. About two years ago, I thought that I might as well learn to create and apply some of those signs. I purchased the software and vinyl cutter, some supplies and started practicing this. I like it alot, however I've been mainly interested in the small graphic end of it all, so I started selling small vinyl decals.

This is what led me to thinking about t-shirts. I love the idea of being able to create t-shirts for sale that I might have thought up during the day. I have always been a t-shirt wearing person, with different designs over the years depending on what I'm into at the moment. After reading some posts over at signs101.com, I realized that I can make t-shirts using my cutter and thermoflex vinyl. All I needed was a heat press, so I purchased a Heat Master 15x15. It seems to be a great press. Also, last Christmas my brother bought me an Epson R300 printer that is still in the box. Recently I've learned that I can get a bulk ink system for it and use Magic Mix inks, so that's a plus too.

Now I need to get established with a blank shirt wholesaler, and get a resale certificate. Then the work starts.

Do you guys remember selling your first shirt? I can't wait.

Perhaps my connections with all these retail stores might pay off too. Many of them are mom and pop stores that would sell my designs I think.

Sorry about the long post.

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