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I'm Confused... about Polyester Shirts

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What I'm confused about is when doing print and cut on Polyester, I'm told to press at 275 degrees, but when I print sublimation on Polyester, it's at 400 degrees :confused:. I pretty much get the dreaded box either way, but I don't understand the difference in temperature between the two processes.
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Your inks won't sublimate at 275F/135C. Sublimation is where the solid inks turn into a gas without going through a liquid state. The gas carries the pigments into the opened pores of the polyester fibres. On cooling, the pores close, trapping the pigments. This is why you need high temperature abd reasonably high pressure for successful results.
  1. Who is telling you to press at 275?
That is the recommended Temp for the "Premium Plus" material from Stahls that is intended for Poly garments. This is so you don't get the heatpress box. It works sometimes but not all the time.
Premium Plus is not sublimation. It's cut vinyl. You can't compare sublimation print methods with cut vinyl. Two different animals.

You should not be getting a press box at 275 degrees. We press vinyl at 300 and don't. Try using a teflon pillow and use the lowest pressure setting you can to get a good press.
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