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I'm conducting a few test runs. . . i need some support

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I am currently using the alpha green double line from a company up in Nashville TN.
I just purchased a new press. It's like a brand new car, except it just doesn't have that new car smell to it. But, that's ok.
It presses like a beaut'. However once the 24 hour waiting period is up, when i dry it, after being washed, the transfer cracks all over. Now these aren't huge cracks. However they are there. I understand that it's the nature of the beast, to crack and all, but on the first wash?
A long time ago I was using a jp12 from Geoknight and co. At the time it was the best thing next to sliced bread. It had to be. . . , it was my first press. When I was using this press to make shirts I used a huge amount of pressure. And they came out fine. After about 12+ washes all I could notice was that the darker colors would fade. There were no cracks at all. The shirt that I was testing was a Hanes Heavy weight 50/50 blend.
Time passed and I ended up breaking the handle on my jp12. I replaced it and this time, instead of putting so much pressure in the system, because that's how it broke, I just put a little bit of pressure. The shirts came out beautifully.
Before even getting to test the shirts in the wash the electrical doo hickey thing became loose and I literally had to sit there and babysit it to make sure it stayed on, simply by jiggling it a little if it did shut off while it was warming up. After three and one half years of owning this press I decided to purchase a dc16. I mean business was good so why not. So I am pressing these shirts and they are pressing beautifully, but like I said before they were cracking while in the dryer while on low heat. I called everybody even the president.
I was told many a things. One thing was that I wasn't stretching the fabric before I was pressing the shirts. I noted that and put it in my memory banks. I was also told that the weight of my 50/50 shirt was too light. It was a 5.5 oz shirt. So I put it in my memory bank. Then I said hey. . .i remember that experiment that I did with my jp 12. I used the same freakin shirt and it came outy fine. I know, I know by now your saying that you solved your own conflict. "It's the pressure". I know that that was probably the right conclusion too. However the transfer people kept telling me that with this new line of paper the pressure doesn;t matter. That the heat will take care of it all by melting the resin into the fibers of the shirt. Of course they said that pressure was an element but it wasn't key.
So now I 'm confused. I called geo knight and asked them how much pressure should I use? He told me the proper amount and I hoped that by listening to this tech rep , that then i will get proper results. So a couple of hours ago i ran a seven shirt heat transfer extravaganza . or what most people call a test. The constants were the following.. constant pressure which was a lot, constant heat which was at 390 F and constant timeage at 32 seconds. Which I thought was alot, but they reccommended it. I hope that with theis new increased pressure and with the method of stretching the shirt before pressing would result in my liking. Why am I writing this post? Well when tomrrow comes and i wash and dry these samples and they don;t work i might add another hole into my wall. I am hoping that when i do get my results and if they are negative, I'm hoping that my e-mail box will be filled to the brim with possible suggestions. I'm new to this forum. Oh yeah, let me introduce myself. My name is Marc. I am out of a small town in Vermont. We little folk call it the town of Castleton. As small as it is it is a college town. I started three 1/2 years ago and I'm still kicking today. If I knew how many variables there were in the heat transfer process i would have learned silk screen. And the worse thing of it all. It's that silk screening is probably even harder to master.
Please respond
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I think it is the paper, not the press. Are uooui applying med to heavy presure and how long are you pressing them for>
Marc, contact me privately and I will send you some articles I wrote a few years ago.
God Bless You
Marc, contact me privately and I will send you some articles I wrote a few years ago
Rather than flood you with PMs asking for articles, is the knowledge something you could share here in the forums?

If not, in the future (and I'm speaking generally to others here as well), it might be best to contact the member directly with the answer (via PM or email), that way the rest of us aren't "teased" with wondering what the information is :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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