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Im an business minded teenager!

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Hello everyone!

Yes like the title says i am most definitely a business minded teenager!

I am here because i am looking on starting an urban clothing line and i just need information!

Thanks for your time,

Swagga Camp Media
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You found a good forum to get answers to your questions.
God I envy you guys so much!
I didn't grow up until......well, I'm still working on it. :p

If there is one thing I have learned at the advanced age of... uhhhh... real old is, get used to, and comfortable with, and good at working with people. People of all ages, looks, likes, and quirks. The greatest benifactor to your undertaking probably won't look or act anything like you expect.

Don't respond to unpleasant behavior by behaving unpleasantly. People who act ugly are usually just unsure of themselves. If you are patient with them you could earn a "business" friend for life.

You guys probably know these things without being told, and if somebody told me these things when I was your age I wouldn't have listened.

So soon old, so late wise. :eek:

Good luck and lead the way! :)
Welcome to the forums, check my link
yes you did! im 15 and have my own biz!
My Granddauther is 17 and I plan on printing some of her work sent her your Facebook she will enjoy I thought it was really good work. lots of luck and 15 is not too young to get started in something you love.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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