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Illustrator Separations for Vinyl Cutting

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I've got an issue I need to resolve. I'm using cad-cut materials for jerseys and tee shirts, and I've discovered a little problem. Some of the art I'm doing is complicated, and I have to separate each color into a separate EPS file to use CutStudio or Versaworks for cutting. I want to either:

A) Have a way to separate each color used onto different pages, without having to separate them manually.


B) Print each separation to an .EPS file. I've done this, but when I import the files, ALL of the lines appear in each file.

WHAT DO I DO!?!?!??!

Thanks for any help!
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This is actually a good idea, but my problem is not ease of doing it, it's time. Separating manually is a pain, whether in Illy or Photoshop, I'm looking for a quick answer. Maybe a macro would help?? Anyone know about Corel macros??

Thanks again!
inside of photoshop go to select and then color range create a path, duplicate each path you will have then all color. there is another way to do it I'm gonna try to give you the formula inside photoshop it's like you press play and then i will do it by itself
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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