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A friend recently attended a "specialty trade show" in the US....While there, the saw a line of "theme" t-shirts they thought would sell well in their chain.....

So they ordered some....About 60 dozen....They did not want to deal with customs, so the seller said they would look after it....The order got shipped and when it hit the border there was 18% duty that the seller did not know about....Shirts were not "Nafta Friendlily"....And cost them an extra U$0.90 per shirt in duty

So the shirts clear customs and show up at my buddy's warehouse....No CA# so they can not sell them as is....Local quote to print a CA# on them C$360.00....

So if you are shipping to Canada, best to use Nafta Friendly t-shirts and ones that have a CA# on them.....Alstyle, Yazbek, Delta, etc. all sell in Canada and as far as I know all have a CA#....And you need to leave the tag with the CA# on them....
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