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Hi folk,

If someone gives you a KORNIT 932 NDS as it is would you take it ?
Yes, If I wanted to test run Digital Printing.

Can it be a poison gift ?
Yes, If the condition of the overall unit and print heads is not satisfactory you can quickly get into big expenses of time and money.

Is that an Ok machine ?
Relevant question, Ok in comparison to what?

Is maintenance complicated ?
The confined space makes maintenance more complicated than the 931, but surely better than the Breeze.

Are white really white on black garment ?
Yes, If you get a quality garment and properly calibrate fixation and RIP.

Any other think I should know ?
You will still need:
* RIP software
* Spare Parts
* Technical Contact Info @ Kornit
* A lot of dedication and patience ;)

Good Luck,

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Do you have any experience printing with a kornit?

There is a very difficult learning curve especially without training.

Also the difference between an awfull print and a stunning one can simply be one setting wrong and there are a lot if variables.

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I should not have said free, but compare to the used maket price, this is very very low price.

I know nothing about Kornit, but since I started this thread the machine is gone :)

Thank you for the input, I will start to learn Kornit world through the Forum.


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We've been digitally prining for almost eight years. I have a Kornit 932NDS and it's a very good printer. If it's a local pickup what do you have to loose?

It does a good job with white ink.

If you've done any digital printing the maintenance is low. All we do is wipe the print heads off at night and in the AM.


Mike Gruber
Image Directly, LLC
Madison, AL
Image Directly, LLC Contract Apparel Printing
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