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I'm a college student, a computer science major, but I loved doing screen printing in graphic design classes in highschool. The most complicated t-shirt I ever did was a 4 color shirt using a logo from a video game long ago. I've still got the t-shirt though the ink wasn't very good and it's faded now.

I remember when I was a kid I could get a t-shirt for 10 bucks and it had a cool design on it. Anymore if I want a t-shirt it tends to be upwards of 18 bucks and usually the designs aren't all that great.

I'm researching what a setup to make shirts in my basement would cost. I don't necessarily want to start my own company, but I think it would be cool if I started making my own shirts and they actually became popular enough with other people to sell.

I found this forum through a google search looking for contrast stitching t-shirts. A forum for an internet radio station sells t-shirts for their site through a polish company which in my opinion charges WAY too much for a t-shirt. The people on the forums who've bought t-shirts through the company say they're great quality, but I really find it hard to pay 29 bucks for a t-shirt plus 11 dollars shipping.

Not only that but it's hard to find a good company that sells original interesting t-shirts. I've looked around the net and find that I'm usually going to be gouged for a t-shirt with something original on it.

T-Shirt Hell: t-shirts, shirts, funny t-shirts, funny shirts has shirts that are pretty funny, but most of them are too offensive to wear anywhere someone being offended would cause you trouble.

So my purpose in coming here would be two reasons. One to see what it would cost me to get set up with my own screen printing setup. Two to look for honest t-shirt printers who might sell quality t-shirts with artwork I'd wear.
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