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Hi all,

This is a very long shot but I was very lucky recently to get hold of a t shirt press from a friend of a friend and it had mixed box of t shirts with it. Some were well known names and others were not. I wasn't looking to use any of them apart from testing with them but there is one type in particular I really like and wanted to try and find.

The one snag is they have no neck label apart from the size and the wash label on all of them has been cut as though the branding has been removed.

I thought if anyone anywhere might be able to identify them then it would be on here :) If not I will just have to keep my eyes out in the future or find something similar.

I have very little info but below are pictures of the labelling and also the 2 styles I have here.

As I said it is a very long shot but any help would be appreciated.

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