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Ideas / samples / templates for a Kung Fu T-Shirt

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Hi, I am creating a free Kung Fu course (http://www.6dragonskungfu.com) and I am searching for ideas / samples / templates for a simple but cool and effective way to introduce logo...

I have already created one but I am not sure about it (I don't know how to post images).

Thanks to all will reply to me
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No one? :(

Ok, I change the direction of my question: what can make a T-Shirt look professional?
W do a lot of martial arts tees and apparel ( hoodies, sweat pants, caps, tees, etc..)
Give us a call
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Do a simple Google search and you will find much inspiration. However, you can also check logo directory websites, where you can buy a logo if you like. Because you are into sports, use the color tone in red and black to show activity and agileness.
the creative juices sometimes run dry....
like kevincook said, google images will spark some ideas. or brandsoftheworld.com.
what about lettering with a rickshaw type font?
or use your existing logo & try it with rainbow ink? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOQcfp36LDo
Thanks for the idea! Can I add you to my website's credits? I sent you a private message.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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