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Hi guys
I have this design given to me.
It is required to be put onto Black and Navy cotton tshirts. It will have some text below it in a semicircular pattern.
The size will be roughly covering the back of the Tshirt, but also a smaller version on the left breast pocket area.

It will be required in smallish batches ie 20-40 at a time. For a martial arts school. so the garment will be strecthed a bit.
May later have the same design for polo-neck shirts.

What is the best/ideal method to print this, please?


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I'd venture to say screen printing.

Great detail can be achieved.
Single color front and back.
Less labour intensive.

Price around, show the graphic and ask to see printed samples of work.

Also have another back-up source just in case.

(I spelled "labor" with a "u" cause I see you're in the UK ;))

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I'll support TigerOn. ;) Hi Tiger.

Screen printing and base don how you described it, would be a no brainer on the detail.
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