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iColor 550 or OKI C711wt?

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Would love to get the iColor 600 or OKI 8432 but the funds are just not there right now. Considering either the iColor 550 or the OKI C711wt... Look to have the same capabilities, the OKI is about $400 more when you look at the cost of the printer and the RIP. I like that iColor advertises you can swap the white and black cartridges, an option that does not appear to be available with the OKI.

Anyone have any really good reasons to go with one or the other?

If I went with the 711, I would probably opt for the Forever RIP instead of the OKI RIP. Also looking at the software to split designs... demo seems like it would work for me, anyone else using it?
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And to make things even more confusing...

The iColor 500 pictures are identical to the Oki C711.

The iColor 550 pictures are identical to the Ricoh C342DN.

According to some sites I've seen, it would lead you to believe the iColor 500 and 550 toners and drums are interchangeable... Now I'm REALLY confused...
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