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I would like to become a embroidery tech

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Hello Everybody
I would like to become embroidery tech for machines such as Barudan Tajima, Zsk and other machines. I want to know where can i go to learn the machine so maybe one day I can become embroidery tech. Also I've been embroidering for almost 10 years now.
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Maybe here is an start :
Your 10 years experience in embroidery business will help,but is not all !
Must learn machines panels function,settings parameters,tips&tricks,mechanics,electronics,and many others.
If really want to start,I have some old Tajima manual,embroidery outlines,I can send to you.
You will feel that the more you know, the more you have to learn.

Only working and experimenting will you learn, the theory is not enough!
I didn't know about oiling my pantograph of my machine. When i first got the machine, My barudan tech said, it comes pre -lubricated for lifetime, but when i asked him today( after 8 years) he said you have to oil with clear oil every 30 days.
This is one of the reason I would like to become a tech, so i can help myself and other people who have an embroidery machine.
Tell me your email address to send some files !
Where are you based

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Sorry Messaging so late.
I live in Louisiana
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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