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Hi everyone,

I currently offer a4 digital transfers, to my customers and on ocassion have been asked to produce Full colour, Large format transfers which the current systems I use, cannot produce.

My dilemma is, as i try to build my business to cater for larger runs of Full Colour work, I need to find a Uk Trade T-shirt Transfer Printer, who is willing to do small runs at a sensible prices. I have tried some well known UK Companies, but the prices they quote for small runs does not allow me to make any real profit for my huge outlay (Almost £7 a transfer for a 10 off run. 300mm x 200mm in size + £3 t-shirt sell for £12)

I have found that though the a4 transfer systems are adequate for one offs or even promo work, but if i wanted to sell retail, I need to produce consistant transfers with good washability. I would consider Litho printed Transfers or even screen printed transfers if the prices were fair and catered for small runs/small runs of multiple designs.

I cannot afford to buy a Large Format Print & Cut machine, so how do I move into this market unless I get the help of a Trade printer? If there is anyone out there who offers such a service in the UK, could you please contact me as it would useful to have a few contacts, to do this sought of work. (Which in the past, I have turned away.) Thanks.
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