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I want to order custom made decals for vehicle windows, where??

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I only own a Silhouette Cameo that I've been playing around and making some decals for friends and family. I am using Oracle 651 vinyl. We are trying to find the most cost effective way to get these in amounts of 150. Is there a dealer you could recommend to me that can do this or do you recommend purchasing a cutter and if so, which kind.
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It depends on the size and detail. How many can you fit on the roll you have now? Since you already own a cutter and have vinyl for it, you may want to try doing about 25 and see how long it takes. I would sub out 150 but if you're not going to use the material you may as well use it up before doing that. My target market when I go to conventions with a tiny craft cutter is custom on-the-spot one-off personalized designs. There isn't much profit to be had if the cutter is slow, plus all the weeding you'll have to do if it's a very detailed design. Big shops have auto-weeding machines that don't take off everything, but definitely speed up the process considerably.
OK, my cutter does 12x12 and it's slow. The local shop we asked here has to hand pick also.

I am leaning towards buying a vinyl cutter, up to 24". What is recommended middle of the road, not the cheapest, chincy one but a good quality one.

agLife, if these are decals, try STOUSE DECAL or LANCER LABEL. As you know, a vinyl cutter cannot produce photorealistic images. For those, you would need a vinyl printer like the RolandDGA VersaStudio BN20 VersaStudio 20" BN-20 Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutter
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