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I want to create my own light and dark DTG printer

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I am new here. There are lots of topics that I read about how to convert normal printers to a dtg printers. I am from the Philippines, I am really really interested to start converting printer to a DTG printer but I don't know how to start it. I am aiming for a dtg printer which can print on dark and light colors.

Please, can somebody help me to start moving with my plan. its been a year since I started researching how to do this but still I am not moving. I will really really really appreciate if someone can show me a step by step procedures for this, perhaps a video or reading materials. I am really stupid when it comes to printers.

T shirt printing business is my dream to have and I am aiming to have that running this year with DTG technology. I am looking forward to any help that I can get out there.

Thank you so much guys.
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In the Philippines?

HOw much it will cost? I think more than 100k.
and also, I like to do it on my own like what others did. Thank for the reply though :)
Hi unique000 thanks I'll check this now.
unique000 It seems that the company is not from the philippines. It would be great if we have that here in the philippines.
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