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I searched and searched but...........

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..............I don't know what it is, how it works should I buy one or get screen printing machine or what? Yes, you guessed ,I'm a n00b. I thought I could start selling t-shirts. All I have are designs in my head and I'mma start college in a month so can someone please break everything incl. the do's and don't please?
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Welcome along!

Clearly you haven't searched (at least not these forums) :)

The major areas need to work out (and there's heaps and heaps on all these topics on the forum):

1) Printing method (from the screenprinting question on the heatpress forums, I'm guessing your not that familiar with the different methods....a good screenprinting kit isn't something you "just get" unless you have $10,000 lying about).

2) Who you're selling to (this will seriously impact the choice above...transfers on fashion items is slashing your market, screenprinting on slogan/novelty shirts is slashing your profit)

3) How you're going to sell (online? Boutiques?)
If I'mma sell it, honestly it either gonna be from my car or a local store. I wanna start off w/ 25 and see how good it sells.
. All I have are designs in my head and I'mma start college in a month so can someone please break everything incl. the do's and don't please?
You will find a lot of your answers right here in these forums.

You just need to decide how you want to get your designs printed (heat press or screen printing).

Then you need to create your designs. If you can't create them, then you can hire a graphic artist to create the design on the computer so you have the artwork files to send to a printer (either your own printer, a plastisol transfer printer or a screen printer)

Once the shirts are printed, then you can start selling them from your car (although you may want to look into creating a website so you can have the potential to reach a wider audience).
Starting college soon huh? I have a buddy of mine that paid his way through college doing t-shirts. His target market was fraternities and sororities...they love buying that kind of stuff.

But you're looking to far in the future, investing in an expensive heat press or screen printing machine is going to need a larger business plan than "I want to see how it goes." These machines arent cheap, so I advise you to first learn the methods of printing, draw out your designs, and lay out a good business plan.

I learned everything I needed to start by just reading past forums, so if you are serious about it, I would refer to all of the past threads....it may be tedious, but hey...if it were easy, then it'd be no fun.

Everything you are looking for has been covered in these forums.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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