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i recently revamped my site - what do you think?

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hey everyone
i'm just revamping my site and would love some feedback. If you could be bothered looking, some feedback on the designs would be nice too :)

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I like your site. Looks great to me. What do you print your shirts with ?
I Like it! Excellent. What application did you use to create it?

hey guys,
thanks for the feedback!:D its a cafepress site, so the shirts are printed using direct printing. I used a number of programs to set it up, a combination of photoshop and illustrator mainly, i also used macromedia fireworks mainly just because i find it easier to work with than photoshop for alot of web based things.
Hey! Now that's a nice looking site Andrew!

I like the clean look. Easy to navigate. And you've got some really nice tee designs.
good looking site, nice web design/theme, nice tee shirt designs.....most importantly, I know what youa re selling the instant I click on the site link.

GJ, and best of luck.
Very nice use of a cafepress store.

My only suggestion might be to make that main header graphic actually link to the I'm Brain Food Design. Just to get folks who want to click it deeper into your shop.
Hey guys,
Thanks for all the feedback:) Its really great to get an idea of how visitors would react to the store, its hard to be sure you're being objective about the quality/usability/navigation etc. of it when you make it yourself. Thats a good idea about the banner Rodney, i'd been wondering if people had seen the design and were confused about how they could find it.

The site looks good stick wit it you will go far
I dig the overall look and feel of the site. It seems to match your products, which I believe to be important.

You seem to have a good grasp on this stuff (design).

Do you use Macromedia Dreamweaver to create your CSS?

I like your site layout, looks simple, clean and friendly. Just want to ask a quick question (sorry for going away from your original post) How do you insert Dreamweaver files into a site already hosted?
hey nicolai,
i'm a little unsure what you mean by 'a site already hosted' but i assume you mean like a cafepress store. To use dreamweaver pages in a cafepress type site you need to just cut the code you want to use and paste it into the appropriate section of the page code. For example in my cafepress store, i took my header code and pasted it into the section for 'header ' in the customization page at cafepress. I guess what i mean is don't expect that you can make an entire page in dreamweaver then simply cut and paste the entire thing into a cafepress type site, because that will definetly not work. Actually, in cafepress you can make your homepage be however you want, but to display your products you will need to just add snippets of code. You need to fit your code around the code that cafepress, or spreadshirt or whatever adds to display items. It can take a bit of trial and error and fiddling around to get things to look exactly how you want them. To use style sheets, you can just make the css file and attach to your page in the head section of your page, or just define the styles in the head section if you dont want to use an external css. If you are using cafepress, i suggest you go to the forum there and get some more ghelp, theres some tutorials and stuff that some very helpful people have put together. I hope that helps a little. Thanks for your thoughts on my site, i like to think a little bit of me comes out in the site, my best attributes are that i'm simple, clean and sometimes friendly :D

All the best, Andrew
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Thanks, that does help me now that you explained it. Cheers Andrew. :D
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