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I printed my first shirt ever!

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I know that nobody here has any clue as to who I am. I've posted exactly twice (three times, but I must not have finished the posting process and it never took). But I'm a novice, and that's putting it nicely. I have grand plans, but am learning on second hand equipment on my own. Every step has been painstakingly achieved through hours of Youtube and forum research, and a lot of wasted time banging my head against a wall.

But today I printed my first shirt! Actually, I printed two. The first had a small corner that didn't take ink well on the design, so I tried on a second shirt. For testing, I'm using basic 100% cotton Hanes shirts from WalMart.

I'm super excited about this. I've texted most of my friends, but the majority of them have no idea how big this is. I've had this dream for so long, and made all of these plans and ideas, and until today I had never used a squeegee.

Anyway, just wanted to share with people who know. :)
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You can print all over your sample/scrap shirts, inside and out! I keep a pile of the things around and use them until there is no blank space left.

It is nice to mark the occasional accomplishment up on that wall; looks nice next to all the sweat and blood stains ;-)

It takes a bit of practice to get decent with a squeegee. One cheat is to do a followup dry stroke after your wet stroke to ensure that you cleared all the ink out of the mesh.

Now get busy and ruin some more shirts! :p
Congratulations Rebecca!
I'm a newbie also, I do heat transfers. It's so daunting at first, even on test shirts I feel like I have to get it right each time. We have a few .. um .. test shirts here, lol ;) My husband wears a few so we can see how they hold up with him wearing them to the gym or working in the yard, ect., then washing them every time we have a load to wash. :)
You are right, not everyone knows or realizes what a big deal it is when you print something (no matter which type of printing) for the first time. There's a lot of learning, researching and just plain constant thinking about it, no one can just jump into this, there's a lot of planning that goes into it first.
Again ... Congratulations and Great Job!
Great Job Rebecca, nice attitude.
To post a pic use the 'go advanced' button below then scroll down to 'manage attachments' then browse and upload your pic.
it's like when a punter brings in an old photo and says can you JUST photoshop that out please!!! Yeh lets just press that old photoshop button and everything will be just how you want it haha.
Congratulations and welcome to the club. Now you got no reason to shop around when it comes to T-shirt designs and printing!!!
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