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I need your feedback!

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Hey everyone, I know we are all in this market together, so I hope you can help. Please look at the T-shirts and the designs on them on my site and let me know what you think. I created several designs myself using vector graphics. I tried to be creative and unique and sell something that no one else has. Thanks! http://393710.spreadshirt.com
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I liked the one with the tiger. The rest are ok, but not something I would be interested in.

I would like to mention that you have a few things there that I hope you have a license to print. Otherwise you might find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. You have a pic of a phone and a couple of Frankenstiens. Then there's the facebook "like".
The pic of the phone is a generic vector. I have an approval letter for the "monster" shirts and the "Like" t-shirt was a graphic used by one of spreadshirt's pre-loaded designs. I was hoping to get feedback for t-shirts that you think people would buy.
I don't know what people will buy. It all depends on their tastes. Some like gory stuff, some like colorful graphics, some like just words.. everyone is different. You seem to be targeting anyone - kids, men, women, teens. Maybe if you were more concentrated on a specific consumer type like kids, MMA, goth, sports, lettering, funny, animal lovers, cars & cycles, NRA, political.. whatever and just geared your designs to that group. You have some nice designs, but will they sell? I don't know. Again that depends on who you market them to. Someone looking for kids clothes isn't going to be buying MMA stuff. Someone looking for MMA isn't going to be looking for flowery, frilly, or pretty designs.
I like your designs, If I were you I would categorize them into sections so customers can go right to what they want without browsing pages of stuff they might not care about.

Good luck'
I like your designs, the main thing you have in your gallery which is the custom colors, every customer try a color which he want.
Thanks for sharing your collection.
You've got some good work there, but nothing really specific -which is what I think a small t-shirt business has to do to be successful. Specific locale, theme, niche market, etc.

Also, some of the images looked a little awkward on the shirts because they were either too high or a little off-scale.

I do hope you're a HUGE success!
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