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There are garment companies who hire low-wage Chinese workers in Guam and Puerto Rico, so that they can put Made in U.S.A. on their lables. There are documentaries made of this. To make matters worse, these low-wage workers are seperated from their families and homeland. I am not sure if these garment factories make blank t-shirts, but Made in "Developed Country" does not mean sweatshop free.

Conversely, Made in "Developing Country" does not mean it is made in a sweatshop. I've visited enough small t-shirt manufacturers in Asia that are run by several family members. All adults. They are more expensive than mass production manufacturers but are still a good bargain because they are hard working folk who have been in textiles for all their lives and its all they know.

I cannot abide by bonded labour and child labour but I recognise that not every low-wage worker is forced into the job. For many people, it is the best job available to them in their location, at their level of education and ability.

If you want to make sure your source is sweatshop free, I would recommend that you pay them a visit. It would cost time, money and effort but that's the only real assurance.
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