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Ok this has been bothering me for while. I'm looking to start a small t-shirt business, but I only want to use sweatshop free shirts. I went to Jerico and ordered some samples, but I didnt exactley feel comfortable with their sizes or quality (feels and looks too thin). BUT, one huge pro is there location. They are literally a 15 mintues drive from my house, so I cut cost in many ways.

Since then I have been searching for an alternative, but have not come up with much. What I am basically looking for is a loose fitting "urban" style t-shirt with slightly longer sleeves.

I know some have suggested ProClub, but they have not gotten back to me, probably because I asked if their clothes were sweatshop free (I'm guessing not, by their prompt response)

I know some will suggest Alstyle, but really are they sweatshop free? Made in Mexico of US fabrics? That has sweatshop written all over it. They say NAFTA friendly, but isnt that just a euphemism? On the other hand, they do dedicate a portion of their website to the safe work conditions of their workers yada yada yada.

So, does anyone else know of any other sweatshop free brands that manufacture urban styel t-shirts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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