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I need R3000 mainboard already set to roll mode printing

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I am in need of a working r3000 main board already sett to roll mode printing.. My printer somehow switched to sheet mode and can't seams to get it back to roll mode printing,, also wondering if resetting would work, it may pay to purchase a reset key.. Any take on this??
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just want to report that I did found a main board set to roll mode on Ebay.. Have not changed the board yet but I will sometime this coming week...and see if that will resolve my problem..
Good news,, Got my diy dtg Epson r3000 printer back into roll mode after constant Paper Jammed messages.. I bought another R3000 used on Ebay. I had to set it up roll mode, which was a peace of cake.. Once that was done I remove it's main board and swapped it out with the troublesome r3000 main board, that solved the problem and now both printers functioning fine. Nice thing is the printer I bought on Ebay can still put into roll mod, or used sheet mode.. I need to thank Dave at UFO printer,, he gave me the idea how to go about it...
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