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I need image vectored asap!

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i have some client artwork that was given to me in jpeg, and psd files, and i need the artwork vectored, or atleast thrown in vector magic and see how it turns out! i want to print this in a 5 or 6 color sim process,i know this would be easier to work with as a psd in ps but im lost when i open up ps!! would you say that is the best method for this image? im not very keen in photoshop and working with bitmaps. ive tried to learn but sometimes youtube tutorials just dont cut it..so i just have everything vectored or vector myself in corel..i could really use some help and guidance with this image, not sure how to separate this image as a sim process either..could i print all the colors in spot colors and make the black screen in halftone for the shaded detail? any help would be greatly appreciated guys and gals!!


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Great company.
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I'm no pro when it comes to colour seps but I always like the practice. This is my attempt at a 5-colour separation.

I am later.so if next time.you want the image vectored .contact me.i can do it well for you.
Still looking, send to me and i will do it for free.
You can probably do a trace in inkscape & save as a vector.
I want to say thank you to everyone that helped me out! This is why I love tshirtforums!! Yall are the best!! I was able produce a great print and a happy client..and I couldnt have done it without you guys and gals..thanks again!


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Nice print
Your print looks really good. I like the halftone shading, it came out very nice.
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