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I need help!

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hey i need good cheap suppliers for the following.

Hats, i would like to buy those sports hats with the nice fit material as well as find an embroidery place to embroider small logos onto the front of the hats

Next i need to print 1 - 3 colour designs direct onto white shirts, most designs are 1 or 2 colours, the shirts i use are gildan 2000 witch i can supply if needed.

i would also like a good heat transfer company, i have about 30 one colour designs that i want pressed onto gildan 2000 shirts. i want a company with no minimum order as i often order multiples but they are different colours and designs..

all suppliers and printers must be in sydney
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Hi Crazeco,

I can do your work, I have Direct Garment can print on White / Light Colors / Black. If you need anything please email me directly at [email protected]

Cheers mate
Looking forward to hear from you
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