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I need help with a Photoshop CS2 graphic- PLEASE!

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So, I am making some t-shirts for a client that wants an image of drama faces screen printed in white ink on black shirts. i scanned the drawn image of the faces into Photoshop CS2 and edited them. The only problem I'm having is cutting the selection- or at least I think thats the problem. The mouth and eyes of the faces along with all the lines on them are black, and I need to "cut" these so they are not screen printed. We just want the color of the black t-shirt to show through those black areas and only the white parts to be screen printed. I don't even know how to begin to do this on Photoshop. I know the program fairly well for someone self taught, but this is a problem I've never encountered. Anyone who can help- please write ASAP, this order is time sensitive ;o)


you can write my husband and I at:
[email protected]
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Im not sure if I understand the question correctly, but it sounds like you need to invert the colors (which can be done with ctrl+I), and that would solve the problem. Im probably not understanding what you need to do though. Maybe you could post a picture?
hope this uploads ok
this is the image im working with...i need the screen printers to only print the white/gray areas and not the black areas as the t-shirt will be black and we just want the black of the shirt to show through those spaces. i tried cutting it in photo shop and this is what happened:

tiny black lines still remain that will cost us another color charge on the screen. i don't know how to remove them with out spending hours going over each line with the paint brush tool. i feel like i'm doing this the hard way. any advice?

you need to learn how to use channels and levels. this is a quick 5 minute deal... the edges are kinda crappy... but i used your jpeg... poop in poop out. sorry for the superlarge size... if you upsize a jpeg... and do some trickery... you can sometimes clean the edges if you drop into illustrator and simplify edges... ill try to write a tutorial sometime.

BTW, for the separations, all that would have to be done is that the image be dropped into PS channel and inverted. then end. one color print... screen down for grayish areas... are you trying to have a two tone image? still... it could be done with base white, and highlight white. or even just a strong white ink.

i dont know if this helps... its just one color now.

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